Digital Experience, Commerce & Marketplaces

e2y is the global digital experience, commerce and
marketplaces practice of Dimension Data.
We provide competition-beating implementations of SAP Customer Experience (CX), formerly known as Hybris, and Mirakl marketplaces. We combine our technical expertise and business acumen to deliver high quality B2C, B2B, B2B2C commerce and marketplace solutions.

e2y is an award-winning digital experience consultancy, delivering state-of-the-art solutions for firms aiming to improve their customer experience and achieve growth.
We are SAP Customer Experience (SAP CX, formerly Hybris) and Mirakl marketplaces experts.


The joined Dimension Data, Britehouse and e2y teams unlock a world of digital innovation, customer value and growth that builds trusted relationships between brands and customers. We deliver the personalised experiences customers want – and the privacy they demand with the SAP C/4 HANA Suite:
Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service and Customer Data


Digital Commerce

Market & sell your digital and physical products online via B2C or B2B platforms. Give your customers what they want, when they want it, with omni-channel commerce. Integrate all touchpoints onto a customer experience platform. Personalise every commerce experience, down to each customer micro-moment.


Digital Marketplaces

Increase revenue and margin by expanding your assortment through trusted partners, avoiding inventory and overhead costs. Sell new products and services online. Gain the agility needed to serve customers in the digital age with your B2B online Marketplace.

Our expertise

Our tailored and crafted capabilities span across digital commerce strategy, digital innovation, customer experience, digital marketplaces and digital commerce.


B2C Commerce

Give your customers what they want, when they want it.

  • Business to consumer commerce - We give you the tools you need to deliver contextual customer experiences at every touchpoint and on every channel
  • Customer experience - We help build relevant, personalised and exceptional customer experiences covering desktop and mobiles shopping journeys
  • Product content management - We help deliver consolidation and centralised management of product information and attributes across all channels
  • Order management - We bring clarity and operational efficiency by getting a single view of your demand, inventory and supply globally

B2B Commerce

The best of B2C for your B2B customers.

  • Business to business commerce - Manage different businesses from a single platform, including your relationship with different suppliers, distributors and partners
  • B2B purchasing experience - Enable B2B customers to manage their own accounts and place orders with purchasing limits, individual budgets
  • Product content management - Support the most complex configurations, including products with multiple dimensions and price lists tailored for individual customers
  • Order management - Make order processing across all channels quick and easy, including complex arrangements such as bulk ordering or order fulfilment

Digital Marketplaces

Invest in growth, speed your time-to-market and don’t get amazonised!

  • Marketplace platform - Grow your business with a robust, scalable, and easy-to-use marketplace platform connected to your eCommerce solution
  • Business to consumer - Deliver the customer experience today’s shoppers demand by quickly and easily extending assortment through trusted third-party sellers
  • Business to business - Use a B2B marketplace for your distributors to convert customers. Keep customers happy without creating channel conflict
  • Services - Deliver a customer experience that is not limited by products. Offer services such as installation, when your customers are shopping with you

Digital Means Business Benchmark Report


Digital Means Business

Today, many established enterprises are having their world disrupted by agile start-ups with new business models, forcing them to re-invent themselves to remain relevant. Others are finding themselves under increasing pressure from traditional rivals who’ve embraced digital transformation and are gaining ground with slicker, more customer-friendly processes.

Unlike past trends which tended to be IT-led, digital transformation is being led by the business, adapted to business priorities, especially when it comes to the procurement of IT services.

The Dimension Data Digital Means Business Benchmark Report provides insights to organisations to help them make the most of the opportunities that digital transformation offers.

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