Digital Marketplaces

Over the years, e2y has helped companies leverage the power of marketplaces as a pivotal step in their journey towards embracing the Platform Economy. With clients spanning across B2B, B2C, B2B2B and B2B2C, we have continuously pushed the boundaries of Mirakl, helping both Mirakl customers and Mirakl itself in driving innovation. With access to the latest developments within Mirakl, we consistently work with our clients to best leverage the innovations provided.

Tailored Marketplace Solutions for Different Industries

With the evolution of Mirakl Marketplace and SAP Commerce Cloud, platform models (dropship, hybrid, commission etc.) have evolved. We have been supporting companies to develop and implement solutions to meet and deliver these models across industries and geographies. There has been a shift in B2B digital platforms, with heavy ERP-led technologies moving across marketplaces. The evolution of B2B marketplaces allows us to create marketplaces for distributors to sell their products and have a true one-stop shop for buyers, maintaining the same distributors and pricing, and preserving the buyer relationship. 

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Collaborative Approach

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For every project, we initiate discussions with key stakeholders to explore marketplace models and visions. We offer support in refining business cases and implementing the required changes for a smooth transition into the Platform Economy. Our approach involves a detailed discovery phase addressing various aspects of ecommerce or integration solutions to align with your business goals. Throughout the process, we maintain a clear functional wall which allows us to consistently refer back to your business objectives.

Partnership with Mirakl


As Mirakl’s first international partner since 2015, e2y has ensured more Mirakl go-lives than any other partner globally. We hold the exclusive title of “Mirakl Product Expert” and are the only partner to follow our own Mirakl Delivery Framework. Mirakl’s trust in e2y is evident through their reliance on us, not just for internal R&D like the SAP Commerce Connector but also for advanced use cases when an expert partner is needed. Over the years, we have celebrated numerous clients go-live, earned multiple Partner of the Year awards, and, as recent as 2023, witnessed e2y clients securing all international awards at the Mirakl World Tour.

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Our integrations with Mirakl Solutions include

  • Marketplace Payment Integration with Mirakl (KYC, KYB, Payout)
  • SAP Commerce Cloud (B2B and B2C) Integration
  • SAP Commerce Cloud Payment connector with Mirakl Marketplace processes
  • SAP Commerce Cloud integration alongside Mirakl fulfilment Updates
  • Mirakl Marketplace with other Commerce Applications (e.g. Shopify, or homegrown applications)