Payment Connectors

At e2y, we have worked with the world’s largest Payment Service Providers, assisting them by designing, creating and implementing payment connectors for their clients. Not only do we remove the challenge of developing an entire service for each payment, but also optimise the speed of implementing Payment Service Provider services into the ecommerce platform. This, in turn, elevates end-customer satisfaction and improves the overall user experience.

Specialised Services for Payment Connectors

Payment Connectors are vital in ensuring a swift fail-safe ecommerce implementation by removing the need for manual integrations. By doing so we are streamlining customer experiences, simplifying maintenance, and enabling quick payment method expansion.

  • Fraud for SAP Commerce
    • Revenue protection, real-time order scoring, device fingerprinting, behavioural analytics 
  • Payment for SAP Commerce
    • Integration to Payment Gateways, global and regional payment types, APMs and back-office tools)
  • Logistics for SAP Commerce
    • Integration to order fulfilment and order routing, international checkout and localised payment solution
  • Mirakl Marketplace
    • Operator and Seller API integration, frontend integration (PDL, PLP, search, cart, checkout), back-end customisations
  • Mirakl Onboarding & Payment
    • Seller onboarding, KYC/KYB, pay-out, wallet integration, merchant accounts, bank account validation
  • Connector Code Review
    • Technical assessment and review of existing connectors. Recommendation of improvements and fixes
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Delivery Framework for Payment Connector Services

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  • Scope assessment through accelerated Discovery
    • Analysis of Front end requirements (e.g. Composable Commerce vs Accelerators), Channels (B2B, B2C), required back office tools and configuration, SAP Commerce versions management and backwards compatibility
  • Payment Connectors Functional Wall tooling split into Functional Groups
  • User Stories and Estimations
  • Build, Sprint and Resource Plan
  • Connector documentation
  • Connector Artefacts (Code Repository, Documentation, Release notes)
  • Demo environments (secure demo environments, sandbox or tests, demo scenarios, SAP Commerce and Mirakl)
  • Post Launch Support (3rd Line support, Shadow Consulting)
  • Go To Market (helping get sales, marketing, pre-sales and technical implementation teams up to speed with the platform)
  • Connections Certification Services (support to get SAP APP Center certification and Mirakl Certified connectors)