DJUST, the leading ecommerce platform specialised in B2B, accelerates growth in the UK and Nordic markets by partnering with award-winning digital experience agency e2y (an NTT DATA Company). This alliance solidifies the ability to empower enterprise-level businesses to adopt innovation and accelerate growth, leveraging DJUST and e2y’s combined proficiency in ecommerce and digital transformation. By marrying e2y’s extensive project management and integration capabilities with DJUST’s specialised B2B technology, this partnership enables both parties to take on advanced B2B ecommerce projects, steering their clients to lasting success.

DJUST relies on its network of hand-picked system integrators and consulting partners to provide superior services to its customers, a critical component of DJUST’s business strategy. These expert partners are involved with clients at every phase of the project, from initial concept and planning through to implementation and continued support. 

Andrea Ingvar, DJUST’s Head of Partnerships is an advocate for building relationships between partners and clients from day 1: “We pride ourselves in being specialised and doing what’s right for our specific clientele; we offer our clients a best-of-breed network of implementation partners, who know us, our technology and what it takes to succeed with B2B projects”

“To truly create successful projects for our clients, we need the best integrators in each local market, who understand the client and can take a holistic view of their digital transformation journey. e2y are not only passionate about delivering software that exceeds the expectations of the client, but repeatedly do so with utmost quality and efficiency. DJUST couldn’t be prouder to work with the e2y team to jointly achieve excellent customer experiences and client growth” she continues.

Trusted by clients such as Coca-Cola and Airbus, e2y remains ahead of the curve by introducing innovative solutions such as marketplaces, secure payment options, and microservices. With e2y, DJUST’s B2B ecommerce platform experience can be elevated through a plethora of value-added services. By combining their expertise, both companies are empowering retailers and wholesalers to overcome the unique challenges of B2B commerce, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional products and experiences to their customers.

Sebastian Fick, Senior Director of Global Sales at e2y understands the importance of choosing the right technology partner: “We, as a system integrator, are passionate and dedicated to seeking out the best solutions for our clients, focusing on using the right technology to ensure smooth scalability. In our search, we sought a partner well-versed in the world of B2B ecommerce and shared our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. DJUST is committed to streamlining the complexities of B2B ecommerce, offering simplified solutions that prioritise the needs and satisfaction of our mutual clients. The founding team of Mirakl also being the founding team at DJUST means they are long-standing friends of e2y, and as we witnessed DJUST’s evolution over time, it became clear: it was time for us to join forces and scale together.”

As a certified DJUST partner, e2y integrates DJUST’s solutions and B2B expertise into their offerings, acting as an extension of DJUST’s teams in London and Stockholm. They locally execute DJUST client projects throughout the UK and the Nordics. This arrangement enables DJUST to focus on advancing B2B ecommerce technology, while e2y manages project delivery and integration, delivering exceptional value to shared clients.