Digital Marketplaces

Generate incremental growth and increase profitability of your eCommerce platform through turn-key marketplace solution.
e2y specialise in Mirakl technologies. Mirakl Marketplace Platform is the world’s leading marketplace solution chosen by some of the biggest global retailers. It is a comprehensive purposed-built SaaS platform, developed by experts who previously ran leading marketplaces, bringing you all the advantages of a bespoke platform without the inconvenience of cost, deadlines and infrastructure. The e2y marketplace solutions integrates Mirakl with SAP Hybris and other leading commerce platforms to increase your product range, expand geographically and introduce a profitable new sales channel.

B2C Marketplace

A solution designed to adapt perfectly to your B2C sales channel. Marketplaces grow assortment at a scale dropshipping alone cannot match and deliver additional customer data to better feed personalization engines and omni-channel strategies.

B2B Marketplace

B2B online marketplaces jumpstart digital business transformation to exceed customer experience expectations. Gain the agility needed to serve customers in the digital age with your B2B online Marketplace. B2B online Marketplaces grow your business in a way that is more scalable and profitable than ever.

Services Marketplace

A Services Marketplace allows you to connect with your customers like never before. Offer a combination of products and services to ensure your offering matches all aspects of their lifestyle and expectations.